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FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 emblem unveiled

In an out-of-the-world event, the emblem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia was revealed yesterday by the FIFA President, Sepp Blatter in Moscow. Appearing on a Russian state TV talk show, Mr. Blatter unveiled the logo with the help of Russian cosmonauts – Elena Serova, Alexander Sovokutyaev and Maxim Suraevers, aboard the International Space Station through video link. Although, the trio were in space, the reveal was anything but space-age as they gave a quick countdown before holding up the logo on a piece of paper. Coinciding with the logo appearing on TV, it was also projected on the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow as part of a light show, revealing the emblem to the world.

The logo depicts the World Cup trophy in the Red and Blue colors of the Russian flag, along with gold trim. Talking about the logo, Mr. Blatter said, “The emblem blends unique attributes of the FIFA World Cup and of Russia as host nation. It unites magic and dreams, as the FIFA World Cup will do for millions of fans in 2018.” The emblem is said to have drawn inspiration from both Russia’s rich artistic tradition and its history of achievement and innovation – with the Sputnik satellite and Imperial Fabergé Eggs suggested in the design, that’s supported with a bespoke font.

The elements in the logo according to FIFA include the following:

Magic Windows:
Rounded windows invite you to participate in the new FIFA World Cup discovery as well as reinforcing the shape of the magic football.

The symbolism of the dynamic proposition of the spaceship as it lifts off, becomes a metaphor for the anticipation of an intense and magical tournament.

The rising movement is reminiscent of lifting the FIFA World Cup Trophy in celebration.

Magic Ball:
A magic football that focuses attention on the world’s love of football and pays homage to Sputnik.

Human Dream:
The element represents the exuberance of football players and excitement of fans as well as mankind’s ambition to reach for the stars.

Bright Stars:
Depicting football stars as well as stars in the sky, along with the fairy-tale glitter and sparkles that creates a magical FIFA World Cup experience for players and fans alike.

The latest emblem for the 21st edition of the football world cup has received mixed responses worldwide. FIFA has also produced 11 official posters for all the cities hosting the matches.

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