Moment with A R Rahman

Last month, on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I was at the piano class in my music school – the Musee Musicals. Breaking the silence and taking me by sheer surprise, the legend of music A. R. Rahman, an alumni of the institute, walked into the class and asked me where the piano showroom was. He came to procure some instruments, and delighted me, walked him to the showroom.

Me and my son, who is also a student of the institute, had the great moment of seeing him and listening to him play piano with no other audience except the showroom owner. Rahman was simply absorbed in trying each new instrument.

We then introduced ourselves as London Trinity College Students and he enquired briefly about our piano and guitar classes. After a while, he signed off with his encouraging words to practice with perseverance.

What a moment, that will surely last with me for a lifetime!

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