My Top Ten Favourites of 2012

Obviously the best movie of the year 2012 would be The Dark Knight Rises for sure. Though it was not upto the mark like The Dark Knight, Nolan still captured the hearts of many people through his own style and unique stand. And here comes the rest of the list from my side:

 10. Premium Rush- A slow one, but still it was worth watchable

9. MIB III- Coz Will Smith was back after 4 long years, so it fell into my top ten list

8. Avengers- Good one, but still the movie lacked some pace

7. Taken 2- Liam Neeson= Respect

6. Stolen- Nicolas Cage did act this year

5. Looper- Joseph Gordon was really amazing this year with three good movies

4. Skyfall- James Bond, the name itself is enough

3. Barfi- No words to say, the movie was really awesome

2. Ice Age 4- I do like animation a lot and yes the fourth part was indeed good

1. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES- Nolan+Zimmer+Bale+Hardy+Anne= EPIC HIT OF 2012


And these are my top ten besties of 2012…;) 😉

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