My Top Ten Flicks for 2012

2012 has been quite a mixed year in terms of movies. Personally, these are my top ten flicks for the year:

  1. Batman: Dark Knight Rises – A truly epic conclusion to a legendary trilogy.
  2. Skyfall – Its a James Bond movie, afterall!
  3. The Campaign – A light, funny, yet thoughtful movie about the US election scenarios.
  4. English Vinglish – A very well-made movie that sends out a great message.
  5. Avengers – A Marvel comic marvel!
  6. Ice Age 4 – Literally the coolest animated characters..
  7. Rango – Animated.. Johnny Depp’s voice over…need i say more?
  8. The Hangover 2 – The awesome foursome are in a pickle..yet again! And its hilarious!
  9. Cloud Atlas – Sort of confusing storyline, but overall a good effort..visually well done!
  10. Oh my god! – A very different story…definitely worth watching!
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