Photography my stress buster

Photography is not about perfection, but about catching the eye. Personally, it is the best stress reliever I have felt. Few years ago, I would waste hours in front of the computer doing nothing. The internet was a distraction that ate into my valuable time. I needed an alternative to keep me active and I got to thinking as to what I could do! This is when I started photography.

I started by going to nearby temples, shopping malls, parks, beaches, etc. Wherever I went, I would go capture few pictures and analyse them on my computer. When we look at images on the computer screen, it looks better but not perfect. Couple of years back, I learnt about DSLR cameras and grabbed one. After struggling initially to use the DSLR, one of my neighbours taught me about how to use it. The moment I understood the basic functionality, I started exploring. I attended workshops at the Nikon School and then just started on this amazing journey of photography!


Since then whenever I feel that I am stressed, I drive along with my DSLR and click. It clears my mind and the landscapes, portraits, colours, and whatever else I click brings me great joy.

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