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TAFE showcases its prowess at Agri Intex 2016

The Coimbatore District Small Industries Association‘s (CODISSIA) Agri Intex fair for 2016 was concluded recently. In its 16th edition, the Agri Intex fair is growing in stature year on year. This exhibition is a great platform for organizations to disseminate information and effectively communicate with customers.

TAFE has been a regular participant at the fair and this year was no different. On showcase where products like the Massey Ferguson tractors and AgriStar implements giving the visitor a comprehensive idea of the product and its wide range of capabilities. The products on display also gave the visitors a glimpse into TAFE’s manufacturing prowess and deep understanding of the customer’s needs. TAFE associates were also present at hand to assist any visitor at the stall with their queries. TAFE’s products generated quite a buzz among the visitors, many of whom were converted to potential customers.

We would like to congratulate the teams and dealer responsible for putting on such a stellar exhibition.

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