TAFE – TMTL Open Forum 2015

TAFE as an organization has always strived to promote employee engagement while encouraging and advocating open communication at all levels. The TAFE – TMTL Open Forum is one such platform for all TAFE employees across geographies and businesses to interact with the senior management; one-on-one. This event outlines the direction the company is taking and also highlights key events in the course of the past year.

Employees were invited to send in questions that were answered directly by the senior management. This year saw multiple locations of TAFE, including the TAFE Turkey and China Operations, besides various TAFE plants and area offices in India, connected via video conferencing. The forum also recognizes the efforts and achievements of individuals and teams throughout TAFE by means of various awards and commendations.

The Open Forum – one of the several channels of communication at TAFE, has a credible impact on policies and practices in the organization. Many policies have been instituted as a response to suggestions and requests from employees at this forum.

The response was wonderful and, we would like to congratulate the organizers for having conducted a truly global Open Forum 2015.


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