Vinayaka Chaturthi day celebrations captured in Chennai

Vinayaka Chaturthi provided me with the perfect opportunity to was roam the streets of Chennai. It gave me the wonderful opportunity to see Ganesha idols in different pandals and captured them in my camera. It was wonderful to see few innovative ideas in making Lord Ganesha idols this year. 

Vinayaka Chaturthi or Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the popular festivals celebrated in western and south India during the month of August – September. Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu God is considered as remover of obstacles and the God of beginnings and wisdom. The festival involves installing clay images of Ganesha in public pandals, set up for 10 days. At the end of these 10 days these idols are immersed at the end of the festival in a water body (lake, river). The water in the lake is symbolically purified after adding herbal and medicated plants and leaves (patri) in lakes. This practice emerged because in the early days people used to drink lake water, and this was done to protect people from infections and viral diseases. Some Hindus also install the clay images of Ganesha in their homes. It is believed that Ganesha bestows his presence on earth for all his devotees during this festival. 


Photography my stress buster

Photography is not about perfection, but about catching the eye. Personally, it is the best stress reliever I have felt. Few years ago, I would waste hours in front of the computer doing nothing. The internet was a distraction that ate into my valuable time. I needed an alternative to keep me active and I got to thinking as to what I could do! This is when I started photography.

I started by going to nearby temples, shopping malls, parks, beaches, etc. Wherever I went, I would go capture few pictures and analyse them on my computer. When we look at images on the computer screen, it looks better but not perfect. Couple of years back, I learnt about DSLR cameras and grabbed one. After struggling initially to use the DSLR, one of my neighbours taught me about how to use it. The moment I understood the basic functionality, I started exploring. I attended workshops at the Nikon School and then just started on this amazing journey of photography!


Since then whenever I feel that I am stressed, I drive along with my DSLR and click. It clears my mind and the landscapes, portraits, colours, and whatever else I click brings me great joy.


eCIMP Bi-Monthly Theme

‘Ideas to Save Money’ is the eCIMP theme for December 2013 and January 2014.

All the suggestions, 3M, QCC and CFT must focus on cost saving for the next two months.

Send your entries now!


Cost Saving Suggestion Award in Sembiam – Oct 2013

Recently, Cost Saving Suggestion Awards 2013-14 were given to our employees from various functions and departments for their contribution by means of their suggestions and ideas, at our Sembium, Chennai plant, as a part of the eCIMP initiative at TAFE.

Congratulations and cheers to the smart thinkers!


Cost Saving Suggestion Awards

Cost Saving Suggestion Awards were handed over to:

John Joseph of QA Department, for his suggestions – ‘QM View Creation’ & ‘Automation in self-certification process in SAP’. Award presented by S Natarajan.

K M Giriprasad of R&D, for his suggestion – ‘Reduction of annual maintenance cost (AMC) for the OCE TDS 400 Printer’. Award presented by T R Subramanian.

S Ravindran of Works Accounting, for his suggestion – ‘VAT credit availed from Nixon Engg Supply’. Award presented by H Yuvaraj.

Cheers to these smart thinkers!