Forging connections for life

Farming is all about connections; connection between, man and the elements, man and his land, man and his crops, crops and the elements, crops and the soil, man and his tools and so on. Every season it is a harmony of all these factors that brings us the bounty of nature in a farm, the harvest is the coming together of all these connections.

At TAFE we thrive in connections, forming new ones and nurturing old ones. One of the ways TAFE tractors forges connections is by actually heading into the field to meet people and show them what the tractors are capable of. It is when someone sees and touches the tractor that sparks the beginning of a connection. The sort of connection that makes them want to own one of the best tractors in the world. And these connections form regardless of age.

The snapshots you see here are from Algeria where TAFE tractors were taken to the field to the give customers greater insights into them and extend full support to them. The joy on their faces is evidence enough of the place TAFE tractors holds in their hearts. Small steps in our journey of Cultivating the World!

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